Education in Arizona 

Arizona has a rich history of achievement driven by ingenuity and hard work. But when it comes to education, our track record is less than stellar. To remain competitive in a global marketplace, we need to change that narrative through strategic investment in education and the creation of a talented, well-educated workforce. Our future depends on it.   

Sustaining and attracting high-tech industries requires a highly skilled workforce, yet, the percentage of science and engineering degrees from Arizona’s universities—at 18.6 percent—is half the national average. We must break this cycle.

Arizona leaders must come together and make substantive investments in education. Coordinated support for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs in our K-12 public schools is essential, as is increased funding to our state universities, particularly in engineering, and other STEM degree programs. 

These investments must be coupled with smart tax policies that attract employers willing to invest significant capital in Arizona while looking to hire well-educated, highly skilled workers. We need to encourage private/public partnerships between our universities’ engineering, technical and scientific research faculty and private companies willing to explore new, innovative technologies.
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